It's no secret - Bears love garbage. It's easy access to food, but as the saying goes, a fed bear is a dead bear. Bears that get used to garbage as their main source of food often have to be put down. There is a Canadian company that believes it has the answer to keeping bears out of your garbage. TyeDee Bin has created a metal bin that can withstand the strongest of bruins. Today the bin was put to the test at the BC Wildlife park by three black bears and the bruins were unsuccessful at getting inside the bin. So far in BC this year there have been 55 hundred bear related calls to the RAPP line. 60 percent of them were garbage related.

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TyeDee Bins are an extremely versatile style of bin. They are excellent for storing garbage but they are not just limited to garbage. TyeDee Bins are an excellent option for a Feed Bin, a Tack Box, Sports equipment storage: Soccer balls, Baseball bases and bats.

 Excellent for storage of:

•Propane tanks

•Gas cans

•Wood pellets


•Generators and other small engine items

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