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The TyeDee Bin Original is our most popular model. A tried and true solution for all your storage needs.

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The TyeDee Bin Original is our most popular model, boasting an attractive design and large capacity.  The Original can be used for any storage need, and has the capacity for six large sized garbage bags. If used for intermediate storage of waste or recycling, it has room for two standard sized waste containers, or for one container and two blue boxes.


The TyeDee Bin Original is also effective for other secure storage including sports equipment, dock and patio supplies, feed, equestrian tack, wood pellets, firewood, etc.

The TyeDee Bin Original comes with a yellow flag notification to let your waste collector know the bin is full (additional blue and green flags available). The Original also includes mountable feet to secure your bin to ground if desired, BearGard corners to protect all four top corners of the bin, and our secure TyeDee latch. The latch is designed with safety in mind, and will always fall forward when the lid is opened to prevent an injury if the lid is accidentally closed. As it falls forward, the latch acts as a spacer to prevent the lid from slamming down. The Original also includes a TyeDee carabiner and lanyard to help secure the latch. 

The TyeDee Bin Original is a tried and true, durable storage solution for all your outdoor needs.

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TyeDee Bin Original Colour options:

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Custom colours also available, contact us for details

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