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Need more TyeDee space for those green spaces? The TyeDee Bin Parke Double has the answer.

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The Parke Double will keep your public areas tyedee and safe.

This model is designed for public environments like parks, marinas, trails, sidewalks, and campgrounds. With new BearGuard Twist & Lift lid latch, the Parke is easy to use for disposal of waste or recycling, but is almost impossible for bears and other wildlife to open. 

parke double open.png

The top access Bear Guard Twist and Lift lid  allows easy public access to deposit waste items, while preventing wildlife from accessing waste. The lids cover two 10” diameter, flanged holes that limits waste to smaller items and prevents household garbage from being placed in the receptacle. The lid and flanged hole also prevent rain and other elements from getting into the waste.

The Parke Double front door access makes the removal of waste simple. The front doors have an easy use drop bar that secures the doors closed by dropping into the bin’s base and hooking on a solid 3/4” pin on the top door frame. The door has hinges that are cast aluminum with 1/4” stainless steel pins, and a lock tab to padlock the doors if required.

The Parke should  be mounted to a solid base, usually a concrete pad or slab, to keep the unit secure when wildlife try to access garbage, to make the bins safer for public use, and to limit vandalism.

The Parke is designed to be used with  inside containers, allowing for easier and neater exchange of bags by simply pulling the container outside of the receptacle. The Parke’s cabinet design allows for easy addition of graphic images that can generate advertising revenue, or can communicate other relevant community (BIA) messages while decorating the bins to match city colour schemes.

_TyeDee Bin Parke Double Specs.png

TyeDee Bin Parke Colour options:

three colour choices.png

Custom colours also available, contact us for details

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